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Soupz will be taking a break during August and will re-open on 1 September with first delivery, Tues 7th Sep'21.

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Delicious soups made using only the freshest and finest quality ingredients 

Free from additives, preservatives, milk or cream. Just a knob of butter is added and/or extra virgin olive oil to the cooking process to deliver a tasty yet low calorie meal.

Many soups are suitable for vegetarians while others cater for vegan, gluten and/or dairy free diets. 

How does it work??

Our soup selection rotates on a weekly basis. Details are available on the website homepage and on Instagram each Wednesday for collection/ delivery the following Monday/ Tuesday.

For those wishing to subscribe to a regular delivery of delicious soups (either weekly or monthly) we offer a great deal of 5 tubs for the price of 4.

Soups are available either for collection from Soupz HQ (Kirknewton) on Monday evenings (usually from 6pm onwards)  or instead we deliver to your home/ office (Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, West Lothian) by lunchtime Tuesdays.

For those who prefer to buy soups on a less regular basis, you can either make your own selection from the published list or buy a  "Pot Luck" where we choose the soups for you.

Soupz Honesty Fridge (re-opening 6 Sep 21)

Located in the porch at Soupz HQ, soups are available 0830 to 2100 Tuesday to Thursday, subject to availability. The fridge is restocked each Monday evening with fresh soups. In addition, a small supply of frozen soups is available in the freezer section. Feel free to text in advance to check stock levels (07971 574342) before you set off as I have a larger freezer indoors!

Happy to offer soups in larger quantities (such as 4 and 8 litre sizes). Please make contact direct to discuss your requirements.

With consideration to the environment, packaging is compostable / biodegradable. Soup lids are made from PP plastic -  100% recyclable. We found cardboard lids more prone to leakage.

10% of profits donated to local charitable organisations


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Upcoming Events

  • Local Farmers Markets - ideally September 2021 onwards
    Q4 2021
    Location is TBD
    Watch this Space.....with the relaxation of COVID19 restrictions, we will hopefully be able to sell soups and offer samples to customers locally