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"These soups are so great - full of fresh veg and no hidden rubbish.

All taste superb, loved by my whole family."  

26 Feb 2021

"Absolutely delicious. Subtle flavours and very creamy (despite no cream or milk). "Fresh" is the word that describes how these soups taste."

23 Feb 2021 

"Love your soups, perfectly seasoned and just the right consistency. Vibrant colours and fresh tasting ingredients, unlike most soups out there"

21 Feb 2021


Customer Reviews

Recent feedback on recent Soupz soups

"I had the red pepper and orange. OMG amazing."  

23 March 2021

"Thank you. We are definitely fans -we remarked on how it is a shame we didn't find Soupz a few months ago as it would have made the winter lockdown months a lot more bearable! My personal favourite this week was the minestrone closely followed by Pea & mint (which I've always avoided, thinking I wouldn't like it, but loved it) and the red pepper & orange which was lush. We're very much looking forward to week two. Thanks! :-)"

23 April 2021 

Just had your red pepper and orange soup, DELICIOUS!

The name appealed, the colour appealed, the texture appealed and the taste and texture did not fail to impress. No need for any extra seasoning imho."

27 Feb 2021

"I had the red pepper and orange. OMG amazing."  

23 March 2021

I popped in yesterday to the fridge in the porch and got two tomato and mint and 1 red pepper and orange I absolutely loved them. Looking forward to trying the others.

20 May 2011

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